RIP Berdi Sabri (1975-2018) Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Do you what makes us the best? Do you know how do we survive for more than 20 years since the brand established?

When you consider your teammates, your coach, your manager as one of your own.

When they smile, you smile
When they laugh, you laugh
When they happy, you happy

When they bleed, you bleed
When they hurt, you feel the pain
When they’re in trouble, you provide solution
When they’re in tears, you will comfort them

And when they leave, you bow down to your knees to pay your respect as if you’ve just lost one of your own

We’re band of brothers and no matter how hard the challenges lies upon us, we will walk through it all together, as we keep on fighting our pride in 3x20 mins game.

#17 never leave, he stays within our hearts.
His memories last till the end of days

We are proud Demons, and we’ll keep moving forward to be the best..

So long brother Berdi Sabri, till we meet again.

We also would like to thanks all of our guests and the Indonesia ice hockey community who participate in our tribute game last night as we immortalized jersey #17

#17onyourleftchest #17lastforever #demons17 #restinpeace #bataviademons#proudofthenation

You will be missed
Never be forgotten
The legacy stays
And the glory would carry on

The Demons organization is sending our deepest condolence to the whole family of Demons #17

RIP Berdi Sabri

#restinpeace #demons17 #icehockeyindonesia